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Partner Highlight - NULLA – PURIFY YOUR LIFE

Every month we hightlight one of our Partners & Distributors. This month we will focus on a great business based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

"NULLA – PURIFY YOUR LIFE is a business model integrating a “less-waste” shop to provide healthy food, natural products in eco-friendly packaging and a yoga studio with various classical and modern classes. Nulla wishes to inspire a natural, healthy and happy life-style for everyone."

Located at 168 Le Lai, the center of Dist 1, in front of the green park, the “less waste” shop and yoga studio are designed within a harmony and full of energy space with green plants and environment friendly materials.

All natural and eco-friendly products are packaged in 3 forms: No packaging (clean packaging without plastic); Bulk (clean packaging, with huge quantity

and package-return to customers to reuse); Closed-loop (clean packaging, the package will be returned to manufacturer to recycle and reuse).

Visit their website and browse their awesome products here.

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